Month: January 2018

Ways to measure a mattress

Beds that the mattresses are kept on are made in standard sizes. When purchasing a bed, it is very important to know the height of the tallest person that will be using the bed and get one which is at least four inches longer than them this makes an ideal person for everyone to sleep in. in order to purchase the right mattress for any bed, one should measure the requirements. The following steps explain how to measure a mattress in order to buy a new one. Any bedding that is on the bed should be stripped and the bed alone should be measured from end to end. It is important to measure the bed from its exact edge. A retractable tape will be needed for the next step. A person would hold the tape at one edge and another person should take down the measurements at the other end. It is necessary to note down the measurements. They will be helpful for any future references. These measurements show the type of bed a person owns. Before even purchasing a bed, it is important to measure the size of the room in order to know the ideal bed to be purchased.