Different approaches to finding the best apartment for rent

Apartments for rent have increased among many people nowadays across the globe. Dubai is the busiest city when you are planning to live in that place for a vacation then that will be the best option for you. Make some small research on the area you want to stay in before you do a final decision. Talk with neighbours regarding the facilities of the area in which you choose vacation rental apartments in Dubai.

The STAY Company will provide you with the best apartments with a lot of public transportation options, the best street lighting effects, other entertainment options, and park facilities. They are the best-fit apartments to suit your lifestyle. Moreover, the cost of living is highly affordable and is suitable for rent options. You need to consider fixed expenses like electricity, water, cable, etc. Most apartments will charge additionally if you want to keep a pet like a dog or a cat along with you, so confirm it before you choose the apartment for you.

You need to spend 20 to 25 percent of your income on holiday homes Dubai so choose by keeping the budget in your mind as well. Do an overall check about the place and have the necessary amenities to make you feel safe and comfortable. Some apartments will have pools, sports facilities like basketball and tennis courts, etc.  

Top five holiday homes near dubai marina

Vacation rentals like holiday homes and service apartments are gaining momentum in Dubai. Staffs and room attendants in holiday homes are very attentive and friendly. You can utilize their services at any time and get your work done.

When it comes to reputed Apartments for rent in Dubai the list is infinite. You must book one of the best Holiday homes through reputed established tour operators well in advance to avoid last minute disappointments.

The reputed holiday homes in Dubai are listed below.

  1. Stay holiday homes- It offers online and offline reservation and the package comes with competitive pricing. You can enjoy best complimentary offers, discounts and deals on the price at the time of booking.
  2. Roda beach resort – It houses expansive swimming pool and Jacuzzi where the guests can swim and relax happily. The rooms comes with best comforts and luxurious amenities.
  3. FAM living – The facilities offered in this leading holiday home are wi-fi, parking space, bar and swimming pool.
  4. Dubai creek club vilas – It is an independent villa type holiday home where the guests can enjoy complete privacy during their stay. It offers world class facilities and amenities.
  5. Dream Inn – It is situated close to Aquaventure waterpark. You can enjoy AC, swimming pool, garden and a private room.

Learn more about staying in a hotel apartment

In this modern era, everyone likes to travel a lot to feel relaxed. They try to find a comfortable place to stay during their vacation this is now essential to all people. When you choose a place to live in it should safe for you and provides you with high security the STAY Company will help you to get the hotel apartments to rent in Dubai they provide safety and make you feel safe against unwanted problems.

hotel apartments to rent in dubai

Holiday homes is very comfortable places where you can rest during your vacation with a simple click. One has to select the apartments with all the features need in them. Due to the increase in the prices of apartments with all amenities, it is quite difficult to locate one at an affordable cost. This goal will be quite tough if you are moving along with your family members.

But it will be an ideal choice if you travel as an individual to locate the best hotel apartment. They are available usually in furbished condition and they are maintained in a classy way to look better at the first sight. They will ensure your comfort and makes you feel relaxed. Meanwhile, if you go for the hotel apartment option you will be provided with lots of opportunities.  

Steps involved in locating the apartments for rent

Relocating is considered a tough task for most people nowadays. Relocation can be done due to a job, business, or just for a tour purpose. You need to find a new perfect place to live and make your stay more comfortable. Finding the right apartments for rent in Dubai is quite tough before but now it has become easier with the help of the internet. Previously we used to find the availability of apartments only with the help of newspapers or bulletin boards, talking over phone calls.

The STAY Company will help you to find an apartment to rent for shorter days to many weeks. Finding great Stay holiday homes is easier when you search through the internet. Spending time online will help you to find apartments in almost every place across the world or even in any particular country. When you search through newspapers it took more time to search.

Most of the apartments are listed online along with the latest pictures of the apartment and renting price details. Some will provide amenities like a tennis playground, gym, and pools that are well maintained and other offerings you will get in today’s world.

Some will even give you a free membership. This will help you to locate the best apartments with amenities and that will be the best move you will make.

Top five romantic destinations in Dubai

Honeymooners and newly married couples can stay happily for few days or weeks in Dubai and explore the city hassle-free. Dubai enjoys hot climate throughout the year. You can stay with your wife in one of the best monthly rent apartments in dubai and relax for hours in the cozy room.

There are plenty of romantic tourist spots near reputed holiday homes Dubai. You can book in advance helicopter ride and fly over the iconic structures like Burj Khalifa and Downtown dubai. The duration of flying time is just few minutes.

Some of the best romantic sight-seeing places in Dubai are listed below.

  • Seaplane flight near Dubai Creek Golf
  • Scuba diving
  • Water theme parks and underwater zoo
  • Horse and camel riding at sand dune desert
  • Hot air balloon ride at Rashidiya

You can stroll inside miracle garden and admire the floral beauties of millions of flowers. You can find this beautiful floral park near Dubailand Area. It attracts large number of international tourists and honeymooners throughout the year.

Hatta Mountains are a wonderful honeymoon paradise which attracts young couples. Cruising with your spouse at Dhow cruises will be a delight for the honeymooners.

Are holiday homes in Dubai comfortable and spacious?

Holiday home is renting out a fully-furnished apartment or house professionally managed by a team of experts. You can stay for few days or weeks in holiday apartments rental in Dubai and enjoy your tour thoroughly.

International tourists from various countries book luxurious holiday homes Dubai through reputed channels and stay for several days in them. Holiday homes in Dubai is a billion dollar business. They are cheaper than hotels, villas and lodges.

Holiday homes are privately managed by rich landlords. So, you can facilities like rooftop swimming pool, library, jogging space, clubs and fitness centers. You need not pay any additional charges since all these facilities are included in the tariff.

On your arrival at Dubai airport, chauffeur will pick and drop your family members in front of holiday home. Holiday apartments in Dubai are located near famous tourist places like Burj Khalifa, Dubai beach, shopping malls and weekend gateways.

Serviced apartments are spacious, well-maintained and clean unlike traditional rental accommodations. Renting holiday apartments for few days or weeks is less expensive investment. Luxury hotels in Dubai charge heavily and guests may have to pay from their nose. You can cook morning breakfast, lunch and dinner inside the private kitchen space. Staying inside holiday homes will be a great mental relaxation.

Basics you need to know about holiday homes

In this modern era, buying or renting a holiday home is a dream for many people. Renting holiday homes in Dubai for rent will help you to escape from the hectic life and that would be a great opportunity for you. The prices of holiday homes are affordable nowadays and are available for all kinds of people with different financial statuses for that we have to simply search for the best one through the STAY company website at a reasonable cost and best offers. It is the best time to invest in your dream holiday property. Buying a holiday home is a big decision you should not take in a hurried way. Before buying holiday homes you need to make a deep search in the property market. Though you will get major advantages like attractive rental income, you should be careful while investing in it. Holiday homes are one of the best options you have for money saving particularly when you can’t afford to buy a home for yourself. You need to check the location of holiday homes which should be in an attractive place and accessible to all the primary needs. People nowadays like to vacation to the same place every year.

Comparison of different vacation rental apartments

Nowadays there are many private apartments available for both short-term and long-term rentals all over the world, especially in Dubai. There are many agencies and websites available with a huge database for vacation rental apartments in Dubai. These rentals will give a great vacation experience then compared to a hotel. Some owners of rentals will do basic registration with the related agencies.

They will also enter the availability of rental details in the calendar. This data will help the tourists to decide about the rental bookings for desired dates. There will be many options available from one bedroom to many bedrooms along with a balcony to relax with the sounds of nature. Most apartments are designed to locate near the beaches to give easy access to nature and also to get wonderful views of great sceneries. STAY provides the apartment with the elegant feature of white sand, hygienic water, singing seabirds, etc. The practice of Holiday homes has become popular nowadays and based on the payment, facilities can vary and you can choose the best one for you. The rates for apartments can be varied based on occupancy. Additional charges will be based on the number of guests and it should be within the maximum occupancy limits.

Are there cheap houses for rent in Dubai?

Short stay rental accommodations in Dubai are expensive compared to other countries. You have to pay thousands of dollars when you choose to stay in luxury hotels and resorts. You can save money and enjoy maximum privacy when you choose to stay in Holiday homes.

You can enjoy plenty of comforts like private kitchen, exclusive meeting rooms, party hall, bar and banquet hall when you stay in holiday homes. The fully-furnished houses for rent in Dubai have spacious hallways, kitchen and bedrooms.

You can stay peacefully without worrying about external disturbances when you choose service apartments in Dubai. You can enjoy complimentary breakfasts and gifts. The Holiday homes is well-maintained and neat.

The guests can utilize the services of housekeeping staffs, room service executives, and maids at any point of time. Trusted holiday homes offer off-season discounts and deals which you can utilize. You can stay for several days and months in service apartments. If you choose to stay in reputed service apartments, you can come back late at night and unlock your rooms. The guests can enjoy plenty of special privileges in holiday homes. Resounding silence prevails round the clock in Holiday homes. You will feel happy and stress-free when you stay in one of the best holiday homes.

How to find best rental accommodations in Dubai?

Dubai is a famous holiday destinations that attracts millions of international tourists every year. Some of the best tourist spots in Dubai are Burj Khalifa, Dessert safari, Marina yacht, Quad Biking, Atlantis aqua venture and Hot air balloon.

You have to find best serviced apartments in Dubai that offers world class hospitality services. It is safe to spend your holiday in one of the finest holiday homes in Dubai. You can enjoy fine dining with your family members in the restaurant and stroll on the bushy landscapes in the evening.

Staying inside two-bedroom Holiday homes will be a delight for the international tourists. You need not buy foods from nearby hotels and spend your money and time. Your spouse can cook tasty breakfast and lunch inside the private kitchen room.

The facilities and amenities a tourist can enjoy inside modern service apartments are listed below.

  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzi
  • Children play area
  • Expansive parks for strolling and jogging.
  • In-house restaurants and licensed pubs
  • Entertainment centers
  • Party and banquet hall
  • Free Wi-Fi air-conditioners

Holiday homes follow strict security protocols round the clock. You can commute easily to nearby tourist places when you stay in the heart of Dubai city.