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The process of desalination is nothing more than the removal of dissolved salts and minerals from seawater or sewage and it has become an everyday activity in some countries. Every human being, animal needs of fresh water for drinking, cooking, irrigation, etc. become popular due to global warming. Overall, there are 60% desalination plants available in the world and unfortunately. As we all know, seawater desalination plants in Qatar treat seawater, rivers and other water bodies. The first process is to remove floating objects such as pollutants, bacteria and microbes. With the help of air, the screen will be wiped clean. The remaining water with impurities will now be taken to a sedimentation process tank to remove small solid particles.The sand particles will be cleaned for reuse. The next step will be the disinfection of bacteria and other organic compounds using ozone gas. Ozone now passes through waters. This can be converted into oxygen and released into the atmosphere . Carbon filters are used to remove impurities as well as hazardous chemicals. Finally, the water will be transported to the storage tanks. Chlorine may be added to treat bacterial contamination.Therefore, waters from natural water bodies can be purified using seawater desalination plants in Qatar.

Learn how reusbale period panties can change your world

The menstrual cycle is a crucial part of every woman's life. Many women will face several discomforts during this particular time. The good news is you can make your period more comfortable with the help of reusable period underwear.

All you need to do is know more about the period panties available online and try to wear them during your monthly cycle. This will ensure you more comfort during your periods. During your period you should avoid high workouts instead of that you can go for long walks.

On your period days, you should wear the most comfortable clothes to avoid unnecessary discomforts. You should avoid tight underwear as this will sometimes cause panty lines. You should wear pure cotton reusable period underwear as it will help you feel comfortable. Cleanliness is very important during the monthly cycle and you should pay attention to it. Daily showers will help you remain clean. Using mild soap to clean the area will prevent infections. Nowadays reusable period underwear is available in different sizes and shapes that will make your period more comfortable. They are specially designed panties that make you feel more comfortable using any sanitary pads or tampons they are more resistant to leaks and are more breathable.

Period Panties – How to buy the best one?

Not all women are daring enough to buy panties that suits them
because they feel uneasy to buy in a shop thinking that it is shameful and shy. 
This kind of thought should be changed it is just like choosing other parts of clothing. Due to lack of knowledge, many women don’t find the right panty that suits them, particularly during periods.The reason is they don’t know where and how to buy period panties that suit them perfectly. There are different types of period panties available based on size, shape, and color. 

To select the right panty for you first you need to determine its size by trying it on a pair of jeans or pants. Always try to wear period panties based on your body size and shape and find the right style that is best for you else it will make you feel inconvenience and discomfort.One of the right ways to find your size is to measure it with measuring tape for the best fit. In other words, try to make a trial with different varieties to find your best suit. After deciding to buy your panty try to get knowledge on different choices that are available in the market.