“Missy” Rayder: Top Health and Beauty Tips

There’s no doubt that, to use a blokish term, one of the “fittest” supermodels around is Melissa Rayder. Melissa “Missy” Rayder (born June 21, 1978) is a much-sought-after fashion model from the United States. She is the younger sister of another model Francisca “Frankie” Rayder. Missy has had (and continues to have) a successful career in modelling which included appearances on several leading high fashion magazines such Vogue Italia, Vogue España, and Elle France.
Perhaps a little surprisingly Missy says she doesn’t “do” gyms. However that is more than compensated for by the fact that she has a busy physical lifestyle. She is not a couch potato or desk-bound and also has a young son. That means she’s on the move all the time. She tends to get a little stressed at airports which can burn up the calories, although we wouldn’t really recommend that you follow suit. She also walks, rather than hail taxis, in cities she knows like New York. We are not talking just a block or two here, but up to five miles! Her son also helps Missy’s arms get toned. She carries him rather than use prams or buggies- that’s a 35 pound workout for biceps and triceps!
Missy advises that you should not get obsessive about any particular part of your body or looks that you don’t like, and spend time effort and money in trying to remedy what you may see as a defect. We are all made different, so see it as a personal and exclusive badge on your body that makes you exclusive and distinguishable from other people! You’ve probably guessed by now that Missy has no time for surgery, plastic or otherwise.
When it comes to food, Missy eats healthily, but avoids “fad” diets. She prefers organic food because it has fewer chemicals in it. In fact she makes regular trips (walking of course!) to a New York place called Protima Spa where all their products are completely organic. She prefers green tea to coffee, and this seems to still give her energy and zest, while avoiding caffeine and tannins.
So pulling that all together Missy is a person who eats sensibly, and does a certain amount of exercise, and has managed to still look naturally healthy. I wonder whether her gentle regime would work for anyone else or is it just she has a metabolism that works with her programme?
I don’t know the answer to that, but it’s worth a try isn’t it? In the meantime just like the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, Agent Provocateur‘s stunning Fall/Winter 2014 products and imagery is being promoted by Missy. The latest catalogue and videos shows a homage to and emulation of the hedonism of 1970s Parisian nightlife.Missy is ideal for the range- she’s no fresh-out-of-school immature wannabe starlet but instead shows how an older lady can still set pulses racing with a spirit of languid vice and carefree luxury. You can see Missy enjoying a bottle of champagne, playing with a deck of cards and putting golf balls while sporting some of the greatest (and most provocative) underwear and accessories around.

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