Nursing a sick Dog

Nursing a sick dog is one of the vital steps a dog owner should understand. Likewise, when a dog gets sick, it needs more care and affection-based activities from dog owners. Nursing a sick animal is often considered an art and should not be viewed as a causal measure.

Yes, you should pay special attention to your dog when he falls ill. For example, a sick dog with a high fever should only be given a few pieces of bread, and bulky non-vegetarian foods can be avoided.These dogs should be kept in a quiet place after taking the medication and should not be disturbed. While nursing the dog that has taken the drug, the animal needs to be cuddled and petted by the owner. Do not raise the dog’s head too high to avoid the passage of drugs administered by mouth directly into the respiratory organs such as the lungs. During nursing, be careful when giving hot liquids.

Safety must be a priority when nursing a dog. When the dog has severe diarrhea, the animal may begin to show signs of dehydration.Therefore, nursing for dehydration includes adding small doses of salt and glucose to water carefully.
Similarly, the vomiting dog also needs proper nursing care. In these cases, ice cubes may be given with egg white to smooth the esophageal passage.

Nowadays, a non-contact infrared thermometer has appeared on the market to obtain the temperature of the animal without too much stress. Place the dog in a shaded area if the temperature is that high and provide good ventilation for the affected animal. If the animal suffers from hypothermia, provide warm blankets to comfort it.