Paris Fashion Week

Fashion week in Paris has always been a highly anticipated and highly charged number of days.This year we were treated to some great outfits worn with aplomb by models and actresses alike. Kristen Stewart showed herself to be an edgy fashionista as she debuted a newly cropped and dyed hair do which almost drew as much attention as her daring white mesh harem pants and crop top.
Jennifer Lawrence, the current face of Miss Dior, resembled some sort of classicalbronzed goddess in a white knee-length dress featuring a square boxy neckline and delicate straps that revealed a whole lot of back and a bit of boob on the side. She certainly turned heads!
Fans of The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev wowed the audience in a “dare-to-bare” navy minidress and matching coat. Sexy strappy black heels and a high topknot accented the look and completed a sexy yet sophisticated presentation.
Chloe Grace Moretz has her film If I Stay topping the movie charts and she showed that she is not only a start of the silver screen, but also a silver star of the runway. She appeared at Paris Fashion Week in a head-to-toe metallic ensemble. Must be a pain going through airport security! Talking of metallic outfits,Charlize Theron the long-time face of Dior sat in the front row with beau Sean Penn and sported a dazzling metallic gold dress.
Paris Fashion week wouldn’t have been the same without J-Lo. It looked like she couldn’t decide between a dress and a jumpsuit so she kind of wore both! The singer’s white number was part gown, part one piece and it’s been generating a lot of fashion buzz and may even have started a brand new clothes line.
But I overheard someone asking how Paris had become, arguably, the centre of the fashion universe. Fashion has always been an important part of France’s cultural life and society, and the French are generally well known for being well-dressed. Haute couture, and the “prêt-à-porter”, among others, remain part of traditional French life. When did it all begin?
It began with the reign of the Sun King, Louis XIV, when the luxury goods industries in France came increasingly under royal control and the French royal court began to dictate taste and style in Europe at large. Louis XIV popularised and exported the long curly coiffured wig (because he was balding) and this was the beginning of France, and in particular its capital, Paris, establishing itself as a centre of sartorial; elegance and good taste.
Today Paris acts as the centre of the French fashion industry. Along with New York City, London and Milan, the city is considered one of the world’s foremost fashion capitals, housing many premier fashion design houses such as Pierre Cardin, Céline, Chanel, Chloe, Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermès, Lanvin, Rochas, Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.
However it is worth noting that some other French cities, including Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, and Nice, host important luxury districts and avenues. It’s not just Paris, but there’s no denying Paris Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in the world of fashion.

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