Tips on selecting a steel fabrication company

In today’s world, iron and steel are the two major components ruling the industries and are considered the backbone of any industry. Steel is made by the combination of iron and carbon as major elements.

Carbon will act as a hardening agent to make the steel harder and more durable. Steel is formed when oxygen is removed and carbon is attached to the oxygen. During this process, oxygen carbon combines with iron to form steel as the final product.

Steel is considered the building material in fabrication companies in Abu Dhabi. Most of the cars and kitchen sinks are made up of steel. It is also used in towers, pipelines and heavy machinery factories, kitchen utensils, etc. The process of cutting and bending helps to make products like pipes, plates, etc and is called fabrication. Steel fabricators make steel with different shapes and structures.

They follow basic steps like,

  1. Design
  2. Drawing
  3. Blueprint

The main responsibility of fabrication companies in Abu Dhabi is to produce the end product by transforming the design from a blueprint. There are two methods of fabrication available.

  1. Integrated route approach.
  2. Electric arc furnace or EAF.

In this process, steel is melted and mixed with other elements to produce the final product their main job is to repair for maintenance.